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Western Champion - Replacement power units now on site.

The Diesel Traction Group has confirmed they are now in possession of two replacement power-units for D1015 and work has commenced on modifying these marine engines for use in Western Champion. It is hoped work will be completed in time for mainline testing at the end of the year - We wish the team all the very best in their continued endeavours to see a Western back on the mainline - where she belongs!

D1015 is scheduled to haul The Magnificent Severn to South Wales, including visits to The Dean Forest Railway and Sharpness. At present, we have no plan to amend the itinerary and the train remains approximately half booked.

Charity Railtours' problems bringing The Magnificent Severn to fruition are not limited to the unfortunate protracted repairs to D1015. Unfortunately, we are now struggling to find a Train Operating Company to run the tour. Rest assured, efforts are continuing to get this resolved and hopefully once we have a date for D1015's return to health, this will make the rest of the arrangements much easier.

Dennis Barnes - Founder, Charity Railtours

12th July 2022

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We like to take trains to interesting parts of the rail network

To date, our railtours have visited docks, warehouses and heritage lines. It's been a real slog and we are still learning, but with a great deal of help from our volunteers and the tremendous support of train companies, port owners and logistics companies, here is what we have done so far.


The Mayflower

April 15th 2018

In aid of Macmillan Cancer Support
Our train visited the seldom-used Sizewell branch, Ipswich Griffin Wharf and Harwich Town.
Sum raised: £8850


The Four Triangles

May 9th 2015

In aid of ADRA
A 0400 start from Crewe meant a mammoth day for the volunteers on the day, but months before we were clearing vegetation away from the privately owned track at Eccles Road and arranging for inspections and maintenance to take place.
Sum raised: £5967.30


The Great Eastern Freighter

August 10th 2013

In aid of Alzheimers Society
This was the first passenger train to traverse the privately owned "cross-docks" line at Felixstowe and the first ever passenger train to visit Ipswich Griffin Wharf - and that required a LOT of shunting!
Sum raised: £7965



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